Cost Consultant Department

What is the role of the cost consultant?

Cost Consultant allows to endorse the construction budget. The proposed services provide professional support to financial institutions and/or developers to ensure that the construction budgets are in adequacy with the plans and specifications prepared by the project’s professionals.

The term usually includes the two following components:

Construction costs analysis

Our estimators and engineers analyze the plans, specifications and/or other available materials such as, addendums, contracts, change orders, etc. A site visit allows to assess the jobsite conditions. Based on these verifications, all the necessary calculation are made in accordance with standard methods of construction costs estimation. In addition, our professionals will assess the project soft costs.

These assessments are the subject of a written and documented report including a detailed budget reflecting all the project costs broken-down along with the different construction specialties.

Disbursement recommendations

Monthly or when a payment request is issued by the borrower, a site visit is performed to confirm the work progression. Payment requests, waivers, statutory declarations and the work compliance certificates issued by the professionals (architects and engineers) are analyzed.

Our disbursement recommendation report includes a work progression table showing the percentage of completion and associated costs and our comments and recommendations.

Both an expert in the field of construction and bankingThe Cost Consultant Department of St-Pierre & Associés will accompany you with rigor, professionalism and impartiality.