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How long does a building last?

When we talk about a building, we are talking about several specialties, hence the term building science. Whether it’s the structure, the architecture, the waterproofing systems, the membranes, the windows, the balconies, or the landscaping, everything that is attached to the building represents several specialties.

We are a firm of engineers and technologists specialized in evaluating the condition of all these elements and our main role is to assist our clients in the evaluation of work related to the maintenance of real estate assets.

Our two departments are closely linked: the Building Science Department and the Cost Consultant Department.

On the one hand, we help to build, and on the other hand we help to maintain the integrity of the building as long as possible, so we directly influence its lifespan.

So, to answer the question: How long does a building last?… It depends…

Yes, it always depends on the maintenance that will be provided, because even if a building is built to last 100, 150 or 200 years, if it is not maintained, its presumed lifespan will be greatly compromised.

The impact of time leaves its marks on buildings

St-Pierre & Associés also wants to leave its mark on the buildings… but in such a way as to preserve and ensure their durability.

This is how the name of St-Pierre & Associés has become an essential reference in its field. In order to counter the unavoidable effects of time and passing years and to be able to meet the specific requirements applying to buildings and structures, St-Pierre & Associés has developed multidisciplinary skills and offers many services.

The worst dangers are sometimes invisible

There is an invisible element called the maintenance deficit. It is invisible until it starts to be a little less so, and that means that the problems related to this lack of maintenance are starting to crop up on both sides. Buildings each have their own particularities and will react differently to the impacts of time and lack of maintenance. This is the principle of the invisibility of a problem that ends up erupting, often when we least expect it!

Building Science is based on the application of the rules of the art in relation to the components and structures created by man and over which we have real control.

The equipment and components of a building have a fixed lifespan, but the more the maintenance of these elements is adequate and carried out rigorously, the more they will be able to reach the end of their anticipated lifespan, and even sometimes will go beyond.

And only an effective asset management plan allows for this kind of intervention. A reserve fund will make it possible to allocate the amounts necessary for major interventions and required replacements. A well-designed maintenance manual will tell you what to do and when to do it. The actions that can be carried out by internal stakeholders will be indicated there, as well as those that require the intervention of specialists.

Our engineering consulting firm facilitate your actions

The reserve fund study and the maintenance manual will become mandatory in connection with the sanction of Bill 16 dating from December 2019. The specific regulations are expected before it becomes effective and is implemented in a way systematic. Prevention is always key, so it’s not a bad idea to consider complying with this new law now. Your building will only be better off.

In the same way, the inspections of the facades and parking lots which fall under Bill 122 are an essential element of safety and prevention. Our services of plans and specifications as well as work supervision add additional elements essential to the smooth running of the work that will be carried out, the deadlines to be respected and the standards to be applied, ensuring you of a real quality of execution.

Our main role as an engineering consulting firm is to facilitate the actions that must be taken in order to preserve the longevity of buildings and to preserve the value of real estate assets.

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